Baker Run Streambank Stabilization Project

Project Owner: 
City of Hermitage
800 North Hermitage Road
Hermitage, PA 16148

Project Highlights:

  • Funding source – American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funded project.
  • Full-service project (planning through construction contract closeout).

Baker Run Streambank Stabilization Project

This project was performed to address flooding complaints at this location in addition to complaints of erosion occurring along the east streambank.  The project generally consists of the stabilization of the east streambank and the creation of a minor floodplain on the west streambank, from Westerman Road to a point approximately 200 lineal feet to the south. 

The project also included cleaning sedimentation from the outlet end of the west barrel of the Westerman Road bridge crossing, as well as the installation of some riprap inlet and outlet protection on the bridge structure.  Two log cross-vane structures were installed in the stream to direct stream flow and control the energy drop in the stream within the project limits.  The work was performed under a PADEP GP-3 Permit.

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