2023 Neighborhood Investment Program

Project Owner: 
City of Hermitage
800 North Hermitage Road
Hermitage, PA 16148

Project Highlights:

  • Funding source – Bond proceeds and Local.
  • Full-service project (planning through construction contract closeout).

2023 Neighborhood Investment Program

The City of Hermitage Neighborhood Investment Program systematically upgrades the City infrastructure, one area at a time, in older established neighborhoods, and preempts deterioration by taking a comprehensive assessment of existing conditions, including direct input from the resident and property owners in the area.  This permits the City to develop a work plan, and determine funding sources and schedule. 

The anticipated program outcomes are to develop public/private partnerships where property owners and utilities work with the City on area improvements to upgrade their facilities where needed, improving public facilities, and encourage residents to continue to maintain or improve their properties to maximize property values and provide a high quality of life in the neighborhoods.

This project was the first phase of the improvements in the area bound by East State Street, South Buhl Farm Road, the Shenango Valley Freeway and the City’s west boundary with the City of Sharon.  This project made improvements to South Crescent Drive from King Drive to East State Street; Greenwood Drive from East State Street to Fern Street; Fern Street from South Crescent Drive to Greenwood Drive; and Trace Street from Greenwood Drive to the end.

The project installed approximately 5,500 lineal feet of new storm sewer, over 70 new stormwater catch basins, milled and paved approximately 7,800 square yards of roadway surface, adjusted and repaired private driveways due to storm sewer installation, and provided for other minor site improvements and restoration. 

IAG provided services from the conceptualization of the project scope through construction contract closeout.  We are super proud to be able to work on these projects and are humbled that the City Commissioner’s and Management staff entrusts us to design and deliver these projects. 

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