Rocky Glen Road Culvert Replacement

Project Owner: 
West Fallowfield Township
6817 Main Street
Hartstown, PA 16131

Project Highlights:

  • Obtained GP-11 Permit for culvert replacement.
  • Culvert designed to convey the 100-year design storm event, 165 CFS.
  • Culvert designed to HS25 load rating.
  • Multiple funding sources – CDBG, Liquid Fuels and Local.
  • Full-service project (planning through construction contract closeout).

FY2020-2021 CDBG Improvements Project
Rocky Glen Road Culvert Replacement

The project consisted of replacing an existing 30” diameter reinforced concrete pipe with a new 12’7” x 5’2” aluminum alloy corrugated metal box culvert with aluminum ally head/end walls and wingwalls, influent and effluent channel riprap apron for erosion/scour protection, and minor roadside ditch improvements primarily intended to stabilize the edge of pavement along the ditch line and preserve the existing roadway. 

The existing culvert was significantly undersized for the tributary drainage area, which resulted in sedimentation and debris accumulation on the upstream side of the culvert, and a severe scour pool at the outlet end of the culvert.  The project required the removal of sediment from the stream channel on the inlet side of the culvert.  The excavated channel was protected with an R-6 riprap apron.  Additionally, the culvert was designed to have a 1’ deep natural stream bed through the culvert.

The drainage area tributary to the culvert is 230 acres and had a peak flow of 165 CFS.  The project was performed under a GP-11 permit authorization by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.  The culvert is rated for a HS25 load, and the project was reviewed and approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. 

Due to a road closure on the north end of Rocky Glen Road, it was required to install a temporary stream crossing immediately upstream of the culvert installation location.  The entire project was performed under traffic. 

The project was funded by a Community Block Development Grant (CDBG) provided by Crawford County from fiscal years 2020 and 2021, Liquid Fuels funding, and local funds.  IAG designed the project, permitted the project, bid the project on behalf of the Owner and performed Construction Administration services through contract closeout.   

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